Monday, December 26, 2011

holiday weekend wrap-up

The Christmas Eve party at Luly and Ed's was one of the nicest they've hosted. There were about 30 of us seated at round tables in the back garden next to the pool. The buffet was laden with good things to eat; turkey, dressing, cranberry relish, bean salad, carrots (they were a hit), potatoes and gravy, and a big green salad (a must for me!). Mr. C made his pumpkin pie, someone else made a mocha cheesecake that I heard was divine. I brought my big baggie of leftover turkey back home with me. It has provided dinner for two nights. It was nice to see everyone out of flip-flops and into their best ironed shorts! We were home by 9 o'clock. But some surrounding folk were still hard at the holiday festivities until 2 AM. The day dawned clear, sunny, not humid, just perfect. We had Christmas music on all day. Grandson Andrew Skyped us from Milwaukee where he is spending the holidays with his girlfriend Cara and her family. Later on a fast game of dominoes with Marie. Then one of Mr. C's famous frosty margaritas to toast the season.

Tianguis this morning had several wonderful treats. First, the avocado harvest has begun and the price was half what it had been last week: $20 pesos ($1.50 kilo). Great piles of them in every stall.

The tomatoes were particularly good this week, too. $10 pesos kilo (70¢). True, they are the Roma variety, not very juicy and only vaguely tasting like a real tomato, but they make the very best sauce.

Moving down the line to the fruit vendor, these were his berries; sweet and juicy. I'm going to ask Mr. C to make some strawberry ice cream.

And way down at the far end of the market in a stall I don't patronize regularly, I saw these beauties warming their bottoms in the sun just waiting for a good home. The smell was enough to make me want to buy one but I resisted and bought a cantaloupe instead.

Tomorrow is another trip to the bank in Tecoman to pay the trust. If it fails again we will have to resort to dealing with the bank in Puerto Vallarta although I am hoping that won't be necessary. We have four more days to get this done. Let's hope somebody has had a quick lesson on how this all works.

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mary ann said...

beautiful blog ~ good luck w/ the task, I'm e-sending some karma I earned from taping my mouth shut during some family squabbles...