Saturday, December 31, 2011

the quiche was just OK

The Thursday night dinner party was thoroughly enjoyable even though the menu fell short of my expectations. The evening was mild and still which meant we could dine out on the terrazzo without being either chilled or blown off by the wind. We watched the sunset from up on the 3rd floor (still without the twinkle lights; gotta get to that today), then came downstairs to sup. I didn't think the quiche measured up to my usual standards; it wasn't as creamy and custard-y as I like. But the crust was excellent! The ice cream was, too. I'll do better next time.

The big aloe plant out on the balcony has begun its annual bloom.

The colorful kiskadee birds will be here any minute to mine the blossoms for their nectar and seeds.

We see them sitting up on the telephone wires eying the tall stalks, waiting until it's all clear, then making a mad dash for a quick sip and then darting back to their perches. They're only around for about a week and then gone for another year.

And speaking of another year, Happy New Year to all. There will be fireworks and a big open-air dance on the malecón this evening. Will we be there? If this year is like all the past New Year's Eves we've spent here, probably not. But we'll be able to hear all the festivities loud and clear! One of Neighbor Nelson's J Boys has built a huge pile of driftwood on the beach for a late night bonfire. I might be tempted to stroll down and watch.

Almost time for today's opera, a rebroadcast of a January, 1951 performance of die Fledermaus, conducted by Eugene Ormandy with Marguerite Piazza as Rosalinda. From what I can find out about her, that was the only Met role of her career. So with that little bit of history, happy listening.

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mary ann said...

happy new year ~ did you make the bonfire?