Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday afternoon in Tucson

We've made it safely so far. I slept most of the way from La Jolla to here. Our hostess served decaf coffee this morning and I didn't realize how dependent I am on caffeine to get me through my life. I'm trying to listen to "The Lord of Misrule" and I kept dozing off. Not the book's fault.

Dinner with boarding school classmates tonight. Then good night's sleep so we'll be ready to face the border issues tomorrow morning. The Mexican government has changed the rules about bringing a car into the country; we have to pay a hefty bond to insure we'll take it home again and not dump it on the used car market. As if. Allegedly we get the money back when we leave.

Next stop: San Carlos. With no delays at the border we should be there by 1 PM in time for lunch.


ddmichel said...

bien viaje amigos!!

mary ann said...

I had one day w/o real coffee as an adult and it was horrid. Check-in again post-border, pls.