Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Sheila

Sheila and Peter are residents of our little beach community from Washington. They bought the house that's the very last one at the south end of the colonia. The house itself is not terribly large and sits tucked on one corner of a huge double lot. The rest of the space is taken up with a pool and a fabulous party space with a big b-b-q, an outdoor bar, lovely plantings, and a platform perfect for a stage.

We went down at sunset for cocktails, saw lots of folk we hadn't yet seen this season, and met the new dog in their life, Flint, a Sheltie that replaced BoBo who met with a fatal accident during the summer. The terrazzo looked festive ~ lots of lights and Christmas decorations.

Peter had engaged a caterer to provide a fine Mexican menu of all sorts of goodies. I stuck to chicken flautas, carne asada tacos, refried beans and some very spicy rice. We sat at round tables set up at the end of the garden opposite the bar (above) ~ this place goes on and on!

After dinner there was good music and a great singer, dancing, more conversation. We left a bit early and were home by 10 PM.

We didn't know if we would have lights in the house when we came back since the electric company had been working on the lines all day. The juice went off around 11 this morning, after we had taken off for Armeria for our chores. I went out this afternoon to ask when we'd get electricity and was told that it would be at 6 PM. When we left for the party we still had no lights, but by the time we returned the place was it up like Las Vegas. The phone lines had been interrupted, too, but they were restored so the internet was up and running. I was hoping the new electric lines would be underground as they now are in some parts of town but, alas, no. They are still strung from pole to pole, ugly as ever.

It's Friday so that means Dago's tonight. Tomorrow is the Met at noon (our time). La Fille du Régiment by Donizetti. Listen for the tenor's nine high C's and be thrilled!

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