Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the third time is the charm

It was off to Tecoman this morning to try, once again, to pay the trust. We arrived at the bank at 9:40; it was virtually empty. We got to the window at 9:45. It took 30 minutes and five bank employees, including the branch manager, to figure out what to do. But at 10:15 we exited the bank with our receipts stamped and signed and we're good for another year. I can't figure out why nobody knows how to do this. There are dozens and dozens of non-Mexicans in this area who are bound by the trust laws. These folks ought to be able to do this in 10 minutes without consulting everybody who works in the bank. One of the persons who appeared was the young woman who did our trust last year in record time. She peered over the shoulder of the woman trying to do the job, murmured something to her, pointed out a few things on the screen, and the next thing we knew the printer was belching out our receipts. We'll definitely look for her first next year.

Tecoman chores included going to the other bank we use, checking on the fate of our CD player which is in the shop for repairs ~ they need to order a part ~ then checking to see if the computer store repairs HP printers ~ ours just doesn't want to print ~ and then on to the paint store to check on colors. We need to repaint the entire house this year because of the damage Hurricane Jova did to the exterior. It basically washed away the paint. Fernando tried to patch it but, unfortunately, used the wrong color. Then to the Bodega for some non-tianguis shopping (incandescent light bulbs for one thing). To Armeria for fish at la tienda del suegro de Dago, a bag of the world's best chips, then home. All this shopping and choring is exhausting.

A lovely dinner, a quiet evening, an early to-bed. Tomorrow it's time to put up the lights on the third floor and, at last, finish unpacking. It's going to be time to go home before I get around to it.

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mary ann said...

congrats on the trust ~ major accomplishment!