Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Topolobampo to Tepic

Couldn't post yesterday from Topo. Monday's travel from San Carlos to Topo was completely uneventful, except for a smattering of rain now and then. Overcast skies; cool. Likewise, today's travel from Topo to Tepic was fast and easy. Left our somewhat down-at-heels hotel (the only one in town but we've come to love it and it did seem cleaner this year) at 6:25. Sped through the dread armed camp of Culiacan without looking left or right. A big part of the new "go around" for Mazatlán is finished which means we avoided the horrendous traffic (among other things) that plagues that place. It's been a long, long day and it's very nice to be in a good hotel; plenty of hot water, fluffy towels, good internet connection. There's even a TV but no channels worth watching except the "artes" channel that is broadcasting Mozart. We'll have dinner in the hotel's remodeled dining room tonight ~ something a la Mexicana. Tomorrow afternoon we'll be at the beach. No internet right away; Thursday we'll go into Tecoman to shop and stop at Telmex to sign up for our service. So I'll stop by one of the cyber cafés in town and post a quick update.

Hasta mañana!

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mary ann said...

Hooray ~ I've taken to checking your blog every morning before anything else. Except coffee, of course...