Friday, December 9, 2011

to heck with Lebec

We got away yesterday morning at 7 AM sharp. Easy drive all the way; very little traffic. While Mr. C acted as pilot, I listened to the last few chapters of a book on tape and took in the scenery. Our usual pre-lunch stopping spot at a rest stop in Lebec was closed for repairs. Now what? We have made that stop every trip down the state for as many years as I can recall. The pilot suggested we press on and try the Visitors' Center at Pyramid Lake. What a great idea that was. Not crowded, beautiful grounds, spanking clean facilities, all with a view of the sparkling lake. We pulled under a tree, ate lunch, walked through the museum-like displays and agreed to scratch Lebec from the "good places to stop" list. (I took pictures but can't use my Mac here ~ no WiFi, only cable ~ so I'll post tomorrow.

We arrived in La Jolla at 3 o'clock after another fast and easy stretch, made so partly because from the junction of I-5 and 405 it's carpool lane all the way. The sun was shining and I had to shed one of the four layers I had left home in. Time to relax and visit with our hostess, then she went off to a function in San Diego and we joined friends for dinner here in La Jolla. Lots of good conversation got us caught up. Early evening; we were home and in bed asleep by 9 PM. It was a long day.

In fact we've had long days since coming home from Bozeman, getting everything ready to leave so spending today doing mostly nothing has been a blessing. Long and lovely walk this morning with the dogs (strolled by Mitt Romney's pile on the beach), lazy morning, delicious lunch with friends at one of our new favorite restaurants here (Whisk 'n Ladle), quick laundry, dining in tonight. Early morning departure for Tucson. Tomorrow's post from there.


mary ann said...

sounds lovely!

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Mitt Romney left a pile on the beach??? Eeeeuuuwww!