Wednesday, December 7, 2011

shutting down for now

This will be my last posting from the Dew Drop Inn here in the valley. The bags and the car are packed, the Flix@ and the Times have been suspended, the coffee delivery service canceled, the last few loads of laundry are dried and stowed away for the duration of our absence. The big iMac is going to be shut down and packed away. My wardrobe has gone through several additions and subtractions; dinner party in La Jolla, lunch party, another dinner in Tucson, then the gradual climate warming as we head south. I always pack too much for the road trip and end up wearing almost the same thing every day. I am breaking in a new pair of huarache sandals; I wear these shoes constantly and some years ago when some catalog was having a 50% off sale I bought several pair as a stockpile. Last night's 'fridge dinner turned out to be not too bad. I'm still here, aren't I? Tonight's will be the last of the frozen shrimp with enough leftover to take in the car for lunch on the other side of the Grapevine. Did the Trader Joe's snack run for crackers, to the bank for some traveling cash. I hugged Dorothy goodbye. I think we're ready. If not, we're going anyway.

DINING NOTE: Re: yesterday's post about Andrew's birthday celebration. He "went to a tiny sushi place in Bernal Heights that was awesome." End of review.

The LapMac is packed and ready to travel. Next post from La Jolla.


DAK said...

I haven't checked in in awhile. Nice to know you're heading South where I can keep track of your adventures while you stay warm.

mary ann said...

Travel with care and check in whenever possible, please. Coffee delivery service?