Friday, March 18, 2011

a day late

I know I missed yesterday but I have a really good excuse. No internet. But you will be very happy to know that I am sitting at my own desk using my own internet line, courtesy of Telmex and Carlos Slim (who owns everything having to do with communications in Mexico. See Forbes' Richest Man in the World.) It was quite an adventure getting it all hooked up since the installation instructions do NOT support Mac users. I slipped the CD into my laptop and what came up was a collection of folders that went nowhere and had files of binary numbers that were meaningless but that I knew contained the priceless gems I needed. But I couldn't do a thing. I would have to do all the preliminary set-up via a PC.

First thing yesterday I set out to find someone with a PC laptop who would either come to my house and run through the CD set-up procedure, or loan me a machine so I could do it. I settled on finding Danny, a Canadian who spends several weeks here every winter. But he was not to be found. I wrote a note pleading my case and tucked it under the windshield wiper on his truck. Then I tore home to get ready for lunch with Mrs. Neighbor Nelson. We headed down to the malecón for a delicious shrimp feed at El Chino's (Curly's), who just happens to be the father of the young woman Danny is courting. It's warming up here, and even the breeze coming off the ocean was warm. Shrimp was good, conversation was also very good. Later, Marie and I played dominoes here and, as she was leaving and I was bemoaning the fact that Danny hadn't shown up she reminded me that she had a PC that he had in fact given her to use (she's also a Mac person). So I brought it home, hooked everything up, and finally initialized the modem. But still no connection to Prodigy. The lights were all on and it looked like it would all work but I couldn't actually connect. It was as though Telmex hadn't flipped the switch to let us in. But last night Mr. C was fussing with it suddenly we're connected.

And this morning, here we are, all hooked up and firing on all cylinders.

So that's my sad story about why I couldn't get a post up yesterday.

I heard from Alex that Em and Andrew are on an inspection tour of east coast colleges this week. Here she is at Berkeley College at Yale. This is the college her grandfather Jordan attended.

I think next week they'll be touring California college campuses ~ UC Berkeley and Stanford among others. She will be graduating from Thacher in June, 2012. Hard to believe.

Time to get stirring here. Javier has revved up the saw mill next door, Chuy will be here in an hour. Dago's tonight, a dinner party tomorrow evening. Tomorrow's opera, Lucia Di Lammarmoor with Natalie Dessaye. It's on here at 11 AM instead of noon; we're not on DST yet.

It's great to be connected to the big world! Speedy, too.


ddmichel said...

My nephews both went to Thacher! Small world.

Alexandra said...

Congrats on being self-networked or something like that!

mary ann said...

technology conquered again ~ what a pretty!