Thursday, March 31, 2011

adios Marzo, bienvenidos Abril

Where in the world have the last four months gone? Well, wherever they are, they're gone and it's time to move on. But before we go, today was Opening Day for Major League Baseball. It was 41º in Cincinnati, there was 2 feet of snow on the ground in Minneapolis, and the SF Giants and the LA Dodgers are to play tonight and here it is too early to know anything. The beloved Vince Scully begins his 62nd year as the voice of the Dodgers making sense of it all for the listeners, no matter which is your team.

But tomorrow begins the glorious month of April.
  • April 1st is, of course, April Fool's Day. It is also the birthday of gal pal Liz. Happy Birthday, Liz!
  • April 2nd is departure date from Cuyutlán for Neighbor and Mrs. Nelson, back to California. They actually fly out of Guadalajara on the afternoon of the 3rd, but they will be deserting the beach on Saturday. It's also the broadcast of the Met's Das Rheingold. I may have to give it a pass. Wagner, you know.
  • April 3rd begins Daylight Savings Time here in Mexico. Spring ahead. That means it will be dark until around 8 AM and sunset will be after 8 PM.
  • On Monday, April 4th we go into Manzanillo to pick up our FM3 documents. Mrs. Neighbor Nelson went last week and even though they told her the FM3 would be ready, she had to wait more than 2 hours. We'll see.
  • Tuesday morning April 5th we leave for our annual trek to San Miguel de Allende. We have rented a different place this year but in the same area. In fact, about a block or two away. Since DST has started we will have to leave a bit later than usual; we have to wait until it is really daylight before hitting the road. But it will still be lovely daylight when we get there. It's 400 miles, about an 8 hour drive.
  • After that, I don't know what we'll be doing during the next few days of vacation. Going to restaurants, taking in a concert or art show if possible, and just hanging out in that delightful place. There will be a trip to Dolores Hidalgo, of course, for more pots and other talavera goodies.
Meanwhile, tomorrow evening at Dago's, of course, to have really good shrimp and to say "good bye" to the Nelsons. They are the first of the winter crowd to leave. Next will be Sandy (Brad is staying on to finish up an irrigation system he is installing), then Sibyl and Paul. One by one (or two by two) we are closing out the 2010-2011 season. We aren't leaving until May 1st. But take heart! The 2011-12 season is only seven months away!


ddmichel said...

I do take heart in that! :)

mary ann said...

It's always a little sad when a season wraps up. I look forward to your vacation-upon-vacation this next week.