Wednesday, March 30, 2011

lovely lunch, delightful dinner

Here's what I learned at lunch: Dago does the best shrimp on the malecón. We went to a different puesto this afternoon and now I know better. I won't make that mistake again. I have tried three other places and none holds a candle to his way with shrimp. Nonetheless, lunch was lovely. Good conversation in a gorgeous setting. The breeze was warm, the view spectacular. My luncheon companion is leaving here in 10 days for Ottawa and perhaps then on to Europe to visit family. But she and her husband will be back for next season, and we will, I hope, do this again.

After lunch I went over to Jack's to help him install his new modem so he, too, will have his own reliable internet connection. But nothing is ever easy, is it? There was a problem with one of the cables and I couldn't get it hooked up. I'm taking one of our cables over to see if it's a flaw in what Telmex gave him. He's eager to get his own service up and running so he doesn't have to schlep over to the cybercafe every day to check things out. Perhaps I'll send Mr. C over to deal with it!

Tonight's entertaining dinner was also very nice. The quiche was creamy and delicious, the Sinaloa tomatoes I bought to slice and dress weren't quite ripe; still a bit hard. But at least they were a change from those dry Roma things that are the standard here. It's true that they make the best sauce but I get tired of them. What I want is a really juicy, acidic Beefsteak or even some nice Early Girls. But not here. Mr. C made some refreshing vanilla ice cream, always a treat, and added some sweet sliced strawberries. The conversation ranged from real estate problems here in Cuyutlán to libertarian issues such as the legalization of marijuana in California (everyone thought it would pass. Surprise!), to the class-action suit by women workers at WalMart. And a whole lot more. Sammy, the dog, didn't say much but his presence was most welcome.

Tomorrow afternoon is a domino game at a home down in the colonia. I understand that the hostess has quite a collection of "mystery" novels. I'm looking forward to giving them the once over for future readings.

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mary ann said...

Of course the best mystery writers are women and of course Walmart has been screwing 'em over for years. Their employees, not all women mystery writers...