Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday breakfast

Chuy brought us a big hunk of papaya for our enjoyment. And enjoy it we did. It was the sweetest, most flavorful papaya we've had this year. For this morning's desayuno I sliced up three big pieces, squeezed lime over it, and savored every bite.

This splendid meal followed on last night's camerones al mojo de ajo sin cascara at Dago's, with enough shrimp saved for my "opera salad." Good sized group gathered to eat, drink and watch the sunset. It's a ritual ~ Friday night at Dago's ~ that I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy. Earlier in the day I went down to Bobbie's with Marie for a swim and a round of dominoes. We forgot the swim idea and went straight to the domino. I was winning big time when I became a victim of hubris, angered the gods of games, got two huge hands and that's all she wrote. Marie and I played Thursday afternoon and again, bad tiles, bad score, big loss. So it goes.

Our trip into Manzanillo on Thursday to renew the FM3 was quick and easy. The only difference is that last year we got our renewal on the same day; this year we have to go back in 4 weeks, April 4, the day before we take off for a week in San Miguel. A nuisance. After dealing with immigration, we tore out to Santiago to pick up a lamp shade for the jar lamp I'm having made, then into the Commercial, a big grocery store. In fact, the Commercial was the first "supermarket" store in Manzanillo, opened probably 20 years ago. Before that, shopping was done from one tiny store to another and if you found ten items out of the 25 on your list you felt victorious. Now it's almost too easy. From shopping to lunch at La Posada, the little pink hotel out on Las Brisas. Gorgeous setting; lousy food, but who cares. We got home at 2 o'clock, having gotten everything on our "to do today" list except the bottle of Cointreau Mr. C needs to make his sock'o margaritas. We were quite pleased at the success of our venture.

Today's opera is Armida with Renée Flemming. I am hoping the internet works this week unlike last week when I missed my Saturday treat. I still had my shrimp salad, though.

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mary ann said...

What a special breakfast ~ beautiful, too pretty to eat, almost...