Monday, March 14, 2011

Neighbor Nelson's porch

I am sitting up on NN's little porch using his wi-fi signal. As far as I can tell Javier has not yet left home to drive over to Tecoman to get his modem checked out. So our casa is still "dark" as far as the internet is concerned. Perhaps later today?

Beautiful things at tianguis this morning, including mounds of gleaming red strawberries. Very nice chard, fat bunches of spinach, two big boxes of round zucchini, just picked. I picked through some of the piles of used clothing; I frequently find a treasure or two. New items this week: Barbie plastic patio furniture. Chaise longue, umbrella stand, beach chairs. I think I'll get some for my papier mâché dolls.

I finished "Room" a couple of weeks ago and have been mulling it over since. What a powerful story, told with such imagination through the eyes of 5-year old Jack, a wise little boy whose take on the world makes perfect sense, even if the world doesn't. I highly recommend it.

Time to go home for lunch and get fueled up for an afternoon of dominoes on Marie's porch. I got whupped yesterday. Back for more today.


mary ann said...

I tried "Room" and just didn't like it Maybe it's the 5 yo point of view, but I might try it again sometime.

Carlos Perez said...

You call your blog "The All of It"

Lady you don't know the half of it!