Sunday, March 20, 2011

the Tootsie-Pop moon

Last night at Bobbie and Philip's we strolled out to the beach to watch the moon rise. It was the closest it will be to the earth this year, and the biggest it has seemed in something like 18 years. And it was. A big orange Necco moon rose up over our little corner of the world and we all admired it and photographed it as it lit up the sky then faded from orange to pink to white. Absolute magic. But my puny little camera could not do it justice.

And the dinner party was pretty magical, too. An eclectic group of guests, from an investigative reporter for the Guadalajara Reporter to a man who is an accomplished birder and visits Cuyutl√°n every weekend to see who's here (birds, that is), to a recently published author of a novel, "The Midwife of Venice." See here for an entrance to her web site where you can read Chapter 1. I wanted to talk to her about her research but there were just too many people and too much going on.

The conversations throughout the house were lively and varied, everything from what's going on in Libya to the legalization of drugs to the history of our little village to the type and numbers of undergarments worn by certain residents ~ full, some, none. This last topic cause much hilarity among those involved. Yes, it was late in the evening and the wine had been generous.

Today I spent most of the day getting ready for a big luncheon I am having here on Tuesday to celebrate (late) Primavera. It comes a day after the birthday of Benito Juarez and a week or so before the departure of one of our group, Maria, who with her husband is decamping to move north to Puerta Vallerta. I went to Tecoman this morning to do some last-minute "big store" shopping; tomorrow's tianguis will have to provide the rest. Mr. C has agreed to make strawberry ice cream for our dessert. I will take pictures.

This afternoon we went down to have a visit and sundowner with our friend Patty who lives on the very north edge of the colonia, closest to town. I remember when she was looking at the property she eventually bought; it was an act of faith. It was an old, unfinished place with lots of potential but in need of a whole lot of work. But she took it on and now has one of the prettiest houses in the village. It's always a pleasure to visit there, to sit out by the beach and look at the setting sun. A lovely way to end a Sunday.

This photo was taken at the surprise birthday party Peter threw for Alex two weeks ago. Cait and Mike flew out from Bozeman, the kids showed up as did many of Alex's co-workers and friends.

Here they are, left to right: Andrew, Alex, Em, Cait, looked to the future. Andrew looks as thought he knew it all along, Alex looks stunned, Em looks thrilled with what she sees out there, and Cait looks surprised and delighted. I hope the future holds everything these wonderful people hope for and dream of.


mary ann said...

wonderful write and photo!

Alexandra said...
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Alexandra said...

Your analysis is positively poetic and possibly prophetic!