Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the prettiest hotel in town

I can't get the images to load tonight. Check back tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are the day's events.

On our way back from doing chores in Tecoman, Mr. C asked, "Did you say that Morelos has good chilaquiles?" Yes indeed I had said that after my last breakfast there some time ago. He declared that he was sick of salads so let's go there for lunch. It is by far the prettiest hotel in town.

Located one block up from the malecon, it covers one square block. It has large, airy, spotlessly cleaned and maintained rooms, a beautiful open-air dining room, swimming pool, open kitchen. It's always packed at Christmas and Easter, but today we were the only patrons. It was a bit early, but still, the entire town is pretty empty right now.

When we got there the place was deserted; nobody in the kitchen or at the front desk. But the nephew of the (now deceased) owner spotted us, came out of the office, and assure us they could feed us. So we sat down, ordered a beer, two chilaquiles and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. Lots of hanging plants, flowering shrubs, shiny clean tile floors, tables ready for guests. Pretty soon, lunch arrived.

Absolutely delicious. They still know how to do it.

Tomorrow it's off to Manzanillo to renew the FM3, then to Santiago to buy a new lamp shade, then marketing to get some specialty items we can't get around here such as whipping cream, Cointreau, and whatever else catches our eye. Lunch someplace, then home. Maybe even time for a quick game of dominoes.

Alex Chronicles will follow soon. Let me just say it was spectacular, having her here for 10 whole days. She's now back being a very important person on her campus!

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