Sunday, March 13, 2011

from the cybercafe

Still no internet at home. Javier will go into Tecoman to the Telmex office to have his modem checked out. If it is the problem, he'll get a new one. If that's not it, who knows when we'll be back online. Meanwhile, I am in this little cybercafe, 4 machines strong (but I've got my own). There are two little boys playing games and a third boy wearing headphones, typing furiously. The going rate is 12 pesos an hour, about 95¢. Mr. C will come to take my seat. Then I will go over to Marie's for an afternoon of dominoes and chisme.

Brief report on last night's Carnival. There were a dozen or so floats, lots of people in town, music and festivities. We didn't go up town since the floats passed by our house one block over. A couple of big ones with flashing lights, music, people dancing and trying to keep their balance during it all. I don't know who won the "best float" prize. Javier (he of the internet) and his friends held their own celebration out in the street around the corner from us. Loud music, singing, high hilarity. They finally wore themselves out by 4:30 AM this morning. It didn't really keep me awake; I was just vaguely aware from time to time that something was going on and it wasn't the usual dead silence with waves as background music. Marie went to Javier's house about 9 AM this morning to check on the condition of the internet; he was NOT in his usual fine form.

She and I took a lovely walk on the beach this morning, first time I've actually been on the sand this year. I've strolled the malecon many times, but not down by the shore. Standing on the tide line and looking back toward the puestos and unbrellas you can see how far the little tidal surge went on Friday night; just about to the edge of the chairs. It didn't appear that anyone moved things back further away from the water. I also read a report that there was nothing discernible up in Manzanillo. Neighbor Nelson reported that there was quite a surge out on Catalina Island, where they keep a boat. No damage, however. Just a lot of rocking and rolling in the harbor.

We've made our plane reservations to go down to Claremont for Andrew's graduation from Clarement McKenna on May 14th. I thought he had just started kindergarten. Guess I missed something.

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