Tuesday, March 15, 2011

struggling with a PC

I am in the cypercafe in town, using a (gasp! gag!) PC to post this. Mr. C came down here earlier, loaded up the desktop with all his daily readings so I am reduced to using a machine that is so user unfriendly I am amazed it ever caught on. Javier still has not replaced the modem for his set-up, so here I am.

We went in to Tecoman this morning to get hair cuts, shop, buy a new plant for the second floor landing. On the way Mr. C said, ¨Maybe we should stop at Telmex and check out getting our own system.¨ That was fine with me, so we did, signed up for our own connection, and will be up and running within the next couple of days. The best part is that when we leave we simply unplug, return the modem, and don´t have to pay for the time we're not here. Then when we come back next year we pick up another modem, plug in, wait a day or two, and we´re ready. That´s much better than relying on a somewhat unreliable neighbor. Total cost for internet connection AND telephone for a month is less than $50. The no-stress factor is worth a whole lot more.

I paid a visit to our little local library this afternoon. I donated a couple dozen books and picked up one or two to read. The holdings must be at least 6,000 titles by now, mainly paperback, mainly fiction. Good vacation reads.

Must dash over to Dago´s to ask if he will sell me some shrimp to add to my fish soup for dinner. I made a very delicious and aromatic broth earlier, have let it sit all day, and will drop in a few pieces of lovely pargo and some shrimp and sit down to enjoy a fragrant, rich soup.

No photos today. I wouldn't have the faintest idea how to do that. Let´s hope Telmex calls soon with the go-ahead!


Alexandra said...

Congrats on passing the "we have our own internet" rubicon!

mary ann said...

Good news and good job!