Saturday, March 12, 2011

a no-internet Saturday

I have not actually fallen off the Lenten promise wagon already. It's that we have had no internet since Thursday evening so I couldn't post yesterday. And it was a very important day indeed. First, it was our beloved granddaughter Emily's 17th birthday. I have news from her mother that she is sick, not a good thing on a birthday, or any day for that matter. At any rate, Happy Birthday dear Emily, and get well soon!

Then there was the incredible news from Japan. Our little village has seen its share of earthquakes and its resulting devastation and ruin. The death and destruction from this temblor are overwhelming. My friend Marie has family who live there and she has not been able to get in touch with them. People were out in the streets talking about the possibility of a tidal surge here as a result of the quake. We had to take Liz to the airport and since it is basically on the beach, a big surge might make it to the landing strip. And we couldn't check the internet for the latest updates. Fortunately Neighbor Nelson's line was working and by mid-morning we had heard that the worst thing might be a three foot surge. As it turned out, nothing happened to speak of. Last evening, while eating at Dago's, there was a one-wave surge that came up as far as the chairs closest to the seaside. Otherwise, nothing.

I didn't get out my usual opera alert: "Boris Godunov" today. Russian. Dark. Next week: "Lucia de Lammermoor." Italian. Bloody.

Tonight is the 4-day-late Carnival parade that we should have had on Tuesday night. We may stroll up town to see the floats. Not really my scene but I suppose one should do it at least once.

Those of you in the US will spring ahead tonight. Daylight savings doesn't start here until April 3.

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mary ann said...

Let it be known that I snarled when I didn't see your post yesterday. But now you are forgiven. The images from Japan are horrific ~ our poor old world doesn't get a break, or has it always been this bad? No tsunami here either, thankfully.