Friday, April 1, 2011

only one more evening at Dago's

I glanced at the calendar and realized that we have only one more dinner at Dago's this season. Next week we'll be in San Miguel, the following Friday is iffy because of an invite to a big comida at the Morelos Hotel at mid-day featuring their famous chiles rellenos which will probably preclude a dinner later. On Good Friday the crowds may be overwhelming. So that leaves the last Friday in the month. Even though it's Pasqua the hoards will have thinned down and perhaps we can have a final shrimp feed. My dinner tonight underlined what I said in an earlier post; best shrimp on the malecón. I said "good bye" to Sibyl and Paul for this season. They have started building a house about a block from here; first step is a beautiful wall around the property. Actual constructions of the house starts next year.

Re. yesterday's perusal of someone's "mystery" library. Not my sort of stuff. More pot-boiler style than those I am interested in. However I did bring home a Harlan Coben; he's always fun. Otherwise, I left empty handed. But the afternoon was quite delightful; domino game followed by a good dose of chat and the exchange of "getting to know you" information. The hostess and her spouse are from Washington state and plan to be here for several months during the winter. Not full-timers at this point.

Don't know what's on tap tomorrow since I won't be doing the opera, although I might just tune in for a moment to give a listen. More "closing up" activities, I expect. That means bagging up pillows, packing away clothes not to be worn again this season. That means that I'll wear the same old shorts and shirts for the next month. Mr. C has already begun the shut-down by taking down the blades from the ceiling fans downstairs and wrapping the motors in plastic bags, getting the small bedroom ready for it's share of boxes and bags of stuff. I'm happy to do as much as possible in advance of our SMA trip; less to do when we get back.

I noted that we really didn't seem to have much we were planning to take home, far less than usual. Of course, I say that before we go to SMA.

"There's not going to be much shopping in San Miguel this year," he noted.

Ha! That's what he thinks!

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