Tuesday, April 5, 2011

what a find!

I can't believe our outlandish luck at finding this place to rent. I'll attempt to do it justice by word and photo. Let me just say that the owners scored BIG TIME when they stumbled on it for sale a few years ago. Off the beaten path, on a tiny little alleyway but only about 4 or 5 blocks from the jardin, the center of town. The house has a garage but a washer and dryer have recently been moved in there so we can't get big Vincent inside. But there is a large "landing pad" outside the garage where he will be perfectly happy (and safe). Tonight we will go up to the third floor for a sunset view of the city. Photo opp, of course. Right now I am so tired I don't want to write anything further. But tomorrow is another day and I will attend to my responsibilities at that time. It will be worth you wait, I promise.


mary ann said...

hooray, can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Liz says:

I do hope you will share the contact details of this find in San Miguel.

So glad you found it-- enjoy!

The Fevered Brain said...

Unfortunately, this house is already booked up for next season! As soon as I laid eyes on the place I contacted the owner for a reservation for next spring. Sorry, full up until mid-April. So I will have to begin a new hunt for next year's visit!