Saturday, April 2, 2011

the persistent gardener

You may recall some months back I posted this photo of Mr. C's Mexican Primrose starts. He had 5 pots of these little beauties, each one with a different show of foliage. No explanation for that.

As of yesterday these leggy little things have started blossoming. The flowers are a pale yellow with a bright yellow stamen. The Mexican Primrose bushes at home have blossoms of a different shape, with rounder petals of a deeper pink hue. The five plants are all loaded with buds ready to burst open. Probably while we are up in San Miguel, unfortunately.

This is quite a triumph for the resident agronomist. He has tried growing other things, such as lemon cucumbers (one matured about the size of a walnut), cranberry tomatoes (we got three), other flowers (coreopsis ~ nada). But this year his Mexican Sunflowers blossomed, one zinnia from the entire seed packet made a showing, and now the primroses. It's been a banner gardening year!

Daylight Savings Time begins for us tonight. Another hour to enjoy the glorious sunshine and warm evenings.

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