Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a slow day in SMA

One important thing I left at home: my computer glasses. I was certain I put them in the computer bag but here I am without them. Makes working on this laptop very difficult. But I will press on.

We stuck pretty close to the house today, resting up from yesterday's long drive. We went out this morning to check out a couple of things; the fish restaurant for fish tacos, cole slaw and Indio beer. Yes, still open. Then up to the main square to check to see that the ATM is still there ~ yes ~ and to locate a new restaurant, Casa Allende. Yes, it's there, quite lovely, and we will go there for dinner on Sunday to celebrate my birthday. It is not one that ends with a "0" or a "5" so how bad can it be?

Then back to find the Italian deli we like so much. It's not there. I checked with the dueña of the fish restaurant. She told me where it has moved; we'll go there on Friday for cheese and sausages. Past the place with all the great oil cloth stuff ~ coin purses, tote bags, etc. Lots of funky clothes, too. Picked up a half of a roasted chicken with roasted veggies (including jalapeño peppers so hot they brought tears to my eyes and a cry for help escaped my lips!).

This afternoon I read, listened to music, fiddled with the TV ~ haven't had one for almost 5 months and hardly know what to do. Got it working but most everyting is in Spanish. Found PB S this evening and watched Ken Burns' "Civil War" for the umpteenth time.

Tomorrow we are going to Delores Hidalgo, home of great talavera pottery. This is the place where I am not going to do any shopping. Just wait until I tell you what I found!

Here are a few photos of the house. By the way, as soon as I laid eyes on the place I sent a message to the owners about reserving for next year. Already the place is booked until mid-April, which will be too late for us next year. So now the hunt begins for next year's perfect place.

Here's the view of a little patio off our downstairs bedroom. There is a bedroom/bath on the second floor but the bed is much too tiny for us. When you have a tall person such as myself, you need a nice BIG bed. We opted for one of the two downstairs guest rooms. Very comfortable.

This is our very well-appointed kitchen; big fridge, good oven, plenty of storage space. There are lots of good markets, including a big supermarket about 1 km. away, plus many smaller markets and the big central market in the center of town. I expect good things will happen here.

The second floor has two large patios; the upstairs bedroom looks out on them.

Then there is a 3rd floor mirador for watching the sunset. Here's a shot taken last evening, looking west from this spot.

And you can see all the neighboring houses from here, too. This beautiful purple bouganvilla spills over the wall into the street; you can see it a block away.

So that's day 1 in SMA, 2011. Tomorrow will bring more delights, as every day here does. And I'll relay them. Right now, it's time to go to bed after an exhausting day of doing almost nothing. That'll do it to you, no?

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