Thursday, April 21, 2011

one-quarter full swing

Yesterday I took some photos of the gradual incursion of commerce and humanity on our little village. I didn't get a chance to post them last night so here they are.

First, I remind you of the campers on the north end. This photo was taken on Tuesday.

Here's what it looked like yesterday, from the same spot. That big open space on the right side is now a parking lot jammed with cars and trucks. Don't even think of trying to get out in a hurry.

A further stroll down the malecón and I found the candy man vending his wares out of a wheelbarrow. The vendor himself was nowhere to be found; his wares just sat baking in the sun.

Dago is offering something special at his puesto this Easter.

Despite it all, it is so beautiful down on the beach with all the colored umbrellas and sling chairs just waiting for the revelers to arrive. The puestos, too, were spiffed up and waiting.

On the way home I spott4ed this taco stand in its usual place outside the wall to la casa. This fellow sets up every year, does a good business for three days, then packs up and goes home, leaving the sidewalk and area spotlessly clean.

By yesterday afternoon the disco still hadn't gotten its act together except to wrap the whole thing in some kind of white plastic cloth ~ a step-up from the usual garbage bag look. I had a vague hope that it wasn't going to happen at all. Even when I got home after dominoes, nothing. But at 9:30 it started blasting away and kept it up until 2 AM. Even as I write this it is going full tilt, having cranked up at 10:30 AM. It doesn't seen so loud during the day as it has to compete with other "daylight" sounds. Don't get me wrong; it's still teeth-rattling.

Here's what I saw from the front balcony this morning at 8:30 AM.

And at 2 PM.

Nap this afternoon, perhaps domino game, more reading of David Mitchell's "Cloud Atlas" ~ splendid book. Now to colonia for a good night's sleep. I'm planning on it.

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