Monday, April 4, 2011

it's all legal

We picked up our FM3 ID cards this morning in Manzanillo which means we are finally here legally. Actually, we were legal before this but our FM3's had expired last month and I don't like this waiting period. Feels too much like limbo. So we're now good to come in and out of the country for another year without a visa or new car papers. We also have our own CURP numbers (Clave Única de Registro de Población), sort of a Mexican Social Security number. You need this number if you want to get a cell phone (why, I don't know) or a driver's license (should you ever been that foolish).

I'm packed and ready to leave early tomorrow morning for our mountain holiday in San Miguel. This is the latest we've ever been; it will be quite warm. Mr. C's Mexican Primroses are safely in Marie's care while we are gone; they will probably burst into full bloom in the next couple of days. I remember once, years ago, he was trying to germinate a Flamboyant tree from seeds we had brought home from Guadaloupe. We took the pot with us on a trip up to Tlaquepaque so he could tend to it daily. Sheesh! But not this time; he's leaving the primroses with a babysitter.

The house we have rented has both WiFi and broadband so there will be no interruption in your reading pleasure ~ I hope.

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Liz says:

Have a wonderful trip! SO glad you left the plants home with a sitter!!!

My Bradford pear has finally come into full, gorgeous bloom, and I'm leaving Friday for 5 days... it figures!!!