Tuesday, April 12, 2011

back home

It was an easy ride home today, and I'm mighty glad to be here. The beautiful sea breezes greeted us and even though it had been hot here during our absence it is pleasant and lovely this evening. The drive from San Miguel to Guadalajara is not very pretty at this time of year; mostly dun color with the occasional green patch of an irrigated crop. What was really stunning, though, was the sight of a lone jacaranda tree in glorious bloom shimmering against the backdrop of bleak tan. What a show-off!

As we left SMA we drove through Salamanca and Irapuato, the strawberry heart of Mexico. Nothing would do but I must stop and buy some of the delicious little beauties to take home. When we went up last week I bought a kilo in a plastic bag. But the gentleman this morning would only sell me a canasta of berries. Here they are.

Aren't they beautiful? His whole stand was an array of these little baskets or some much bigger ones overflowing with ruby-red berries. I may have missed the high point of the jacaranda blooms but I think we hit it just right for berries.

It's good to be home. Dinner is being served up as I write. I am looking forward to a good night's sleep in my own bed with the delicious sea breeze wafting through our room.

We've been invited to a birthday party tomorrow evening. The delightful Mac is celebrating who-knows-what year. But who cares what year? He's a fellow Aries. The party is being hosted by Nick and Roger so all are assured a very lively celebration. Full report ASAP.

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