Monday, April 18, 2011

at today's tiangues

Even though I didn't buy any (or photo them, either) the beets were gorgeous, with fresh, perky greens and nice firm fruit. Didn't buy any broccoli, either. I came home with two big baskets loaded with the usual week's fare; tomatoes, oranges, cucumbers, a few avocados ~ they're very expensive now ~ some peppers for salsa picante, and some more berries for tomorrow night's strawberry ice cream dessert. We managed to eat all the berries we brought back from San Miguel. I walked up and down the street, looking at all the stalls with their beautiful produce, thinking that in another couple of weeks I'll be doing this at the Safeway and paying about 10 times as much for things that aren't nearly as fresh. But so it goes.

I took a short walk on the malecón to check on the progress of things. Yep, more stalls being set up, the disco is taking shape, and the usual cut-off spot for puestos has been extended down the beach. There are already many campers set up on the north end of town. I guess it's going to happen again this year. Nothing on our street, yet, however. Not until late Wednesday, as I recall from last year.

Note on the local home economy: I paid the electric bill this afternoon. Two meters in our house, one for the ground floor, one for the second/third. We get billed every two months. This bill: $379 pesos or $32.22 at the current exchange rate. We live here for 5 months so we can afford to live there for 7 months on the money we save.


mary ann said...

Earplugs on your bedside tables?

The Fevered Brain said...

No, fortunately two friends who live a couple of miles out of town are happy to provide guest quarters for the 4 or 5 days when sleep is impossible. I be heading out there either Wednesday or Thursday nights. Meanwhile, Mr. C guards the casa by sleeping through the whole thing!