Friday, April 15, 2011

the antepenultimate Friday

Yes, after today we have only two more Fridays before we head home. So today, it being the "third-to-the-last" this is what I did. Lunch up at Morelos with three mujeras gringas for chiles rellenos, something this restaurant does only during Lent. I am not a fan of the cheese they use; it's dry and too salty. Nonetheless, it is a lovely dining room, and we had such a good time talking and enjoying one another that I could not possibly worry about the cheese. Then we all went to Patty's for a quick game of Mexican Train dominoes, followed by a celebratory glass of wine. Back home, a quick swipe of the comb through the tresses, and on to Dago's for Friday dinner. Enselada con camerones al mojo de ajo as usual, with enough saved for tomorrow's luncheon salad. Good group was there; it's always nice to see those you don't see during the week. It's a bit nostalgic now, knowing that we are about to go our separate ways and will not gather together again for 6 or 7 months.

Tomorrow's opera is "Wozzeck" by Alban Berg. Way too complicated for me, and way too melodramatic. I may tune in to listen from time to time but I am not going to set aside my entire Saturday for it. I have other things to do, like going to Tecoman to get gas, look for some garden pots to take home, stop by the bus depot so Marie can get her ticket to Guadalajara so she can catch her plane, and do some marketing. We're having a dinner party next Tuesday evening and it's never too soon to start getting ready.


Alexandra said...

It's always so bittersweet to be leaving---but if you don't leave you can't miss it!

mary ann said...

oh good, another party!