Sunday, April 10, 2011

celebrating in SMA

Today being my birthday I got to do exactly what I wanted. First, this morning about 8 AM I was awakened by what sounded like small arms fire. But no, it was just firecrackers going off around town to signal the start of my birthday celebration. I think. Then pealing bells from all the churches in the area; that would be nine of them. I gave up the idea of a lie-in and got up to have some delicious coffee. But I stayed in my jammies all day, reading and enjoying a very lazy morning. About 4 o'clock I began thinking about our evening plans; dinner at Casa Allende, a white-table-cloth restaurant near the center of town. We had reservations for 7 but got there early. There wasn't another soul in the place, but then people don't go out until around 9 PM. This place is quite large, with 3 or 4 different dining rooms and a central bar located under a huge glass dome that floods the place with light. We sat in the smaller front dining room, on the street, by a beautiful tall window. This is a view looking back to another dining area.

I ordered Osso Bucco de Cordero (lamb shanks), one of my favorite dishes of all time. This is the beautiful presentation that was set before me. Note the little rosemary sprig poking out of the shank bone.

It was every bit as delicious as it was beautiful. The rest we will have for dinner tomorrow evening, along with the uneaten portion of Mr. C's pork loin.

So happy birthday to me. It was a fine day, with loving messages from family (I miss you, Vicky) and friends, and a splendid dinner at a lovely restaurant. (I think the reason Mr. C looks a bit shell shocked is that it was his treat and he had just gotten the bill.)


mary ann said...

Happy, happy ~ you are so beautiful!

Alexandra said...

Your blouse looks fab! Looks like it was a yummy (and beautiful) evening!

Pica said...

Happy birthday, Susan!!

Joann said...

Happy Birthday, Susan. You look so beautiful and happy.

Marni said...

Feliz cumpleanos, Susan!! Te ves maravillosa!