Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday evening

Last night was quiet and peaceful out in the colonia. The loudest noise was the pounding of the surf in front of the house, and believe me, it was loud. It's remarkable how even the short distance between the shoreline and our house muffles the really sharp "crack" and roar of the breaking waves. But there was not a hint of disco music or any other sort of disturbance. Mr. C reported that the disco finally folded at 4 AM this morning. To give them credit, they didn't start up until after mass was over ~ 3 PM. It has been going on and off since, along with mariachi bands and various street pick-up brass bands. They all seem to play the same tunes over and over so that after awhile I cease to hear any of it. We did have a car alarm out on the street that went off at 12:30 this afternoon and was still going strong when I left the house about 3 o'clock. That really WILL make you crazy.

The crowds continue to pour into town in the morning, spend the day enjoying the sea and some tasty eats in one of the puestos and then head back home in the evening. Many campers, yes, but no where near as many as in years past. Fernando said his place had been very busy for comida and cena yesterday and was doing a brisk business again today. Good for him! I hope he makes a ton of money over these next few days. He has worked very hard to make El Barcel into a spiffy restaurant. He's also astounded by the amount of work it takes to run the place.

After dinner, Marie and I will head back down to H & L's for another good night's sleep. Tomorrow's opera is Capriccio by Richard Strauss. The divine Renée Flemming is singing the role of the Countess. I hope to be able to hear it over the throbbing and pounding of the disco!

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mary ann said...

Great photos below ~ only 2 more days to normal...