Saturday, April 16, 2011

two weeks and counting

I got everything done today that I set out to accomplish. Stopped at the pink Pemex station for gas; get it here for $2.85 a gallon. Of course it's 2200 miles from there to here, but think of the money you'll save once you get here! Did the marketing in preparation for the dinner party. Took Marie to the bus station to get her ticket to Guadalajara. Stopped at the vivero to check out the pots; bought three. Photo tomorrow; they're still stacked in the back of the car. A splendid shrimp salad lunch while trying to listen to "Wozzeck" (Voy-check) but I finally gave up and turned on the "Cosi Fan Tutti." Then over to play a game of dominoes on Marie's porch ~ my luck is a whole lot better than it has been over the last few days.

It's so quiet and lovely right now but it won't last for too much longer. There are folk setting up stands on the malecón to sell beer, micheladas and other drinks. I will go down tomorrow morning and take a photo of what's happening to our little town. It will get completely zany starting Wednesday, last for three or four days, and then everyone will go home and leave us alone for another year, or at least until next Christmas. I'm of two minds about these invasions. I know that this time of year is when the hotels, puestos and souvenir vendors make all their money for the year, so good for them. On the other hand, it is complete bedlam, it leaves the town drowning in trash and filth, and nobody really cares or cleans it all up when the mobs depart, except the neurotic gringos who can't stand the look/smell of the place. I should add, however, that the trash collection has been upped to 3 times a day. The trucks roll through town and pick up everything and cart it away. Cudos to Armeria for financing the effort.

We have had a few mosquitoes buzzing around in the early morning. There will be a city-wide spray any day now. Usually at dinner time. They always do that just before the influx of Easter revelers. Us townies are delighted. There has also been an effort to repair the streets by putting new cobblestones in old ruts. Some chap has been working on the street outside our house for the past couple of days, pulling up the old cobblestones, rearranging them, then pounding them back into the street. I'm not sure it makes any difference in the actual driving ease on the street but it does give him something to do.

More packing up tomorrow. Got the table and bed linens stowed away. Tomorrow it's the plethora of T-shirts and shorts that summer-over here.

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