Saturday, April 30, 2011

what was she thinking?

This is someone's idea of a very bad joke. Isn't it? No? Oh dear. The hat looks like it's topped by some sort of arthritic antlers.

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Liz says:
This is one of Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson's children. Sarah was not invited. Perhaps she dressed this dolly as a royal joke! The other royal princess she was with was dressed in a look that can only be described as tacky. And, the two of these girlies were seated right behind the Queen. Every time the cameras showed the Queen, you got a glimpse of the 2 dollies as well.

BUT-- there were many hats equally, if not more, outrageous! One wag said that it looked like some of the hats looked as if they had been nailed to the foreheads of the wearers!!!