Thursday, April 28, 2011

just when you thought it was safe . . .

. . . to think that the Easter crazies over and done with comes the Festival de Cana (Old Folks Night) on the malecón. Marie and I went down to El Barcel for a cocktail (she had a martini, I had a [not very good] margarita) to toast the end of the season. All the puestos, especially the ones at the southern end nearest our house are set up for tonight's celebration ~ white or colored tablecloths, flowers on tables, set-ups dragged out onto the pavement. Very festive. What else is there? A huge stage with 40 ~ I counted them ~ speakers to blast dance music all over town. Up on the stage, lots of drums and other percussion instruments, 12 guitars, various brass pieces. Since it is for "seniors" I am hoping that it will be lovely old ranchero music. It's due to start in about half an hour so I'll know soon enough. I'm hoping Fernando and his fellow negocios make a bundle tonight. It's really their last chance. Yes, people do come here over the summer, and he will stay open, probably only on the weekends or on puentes (3 or 4 day weekends). I wish them good luck.

The house is almost dismantled. Fans are down, pillows and cushions bagged, closets emptied out, garden and outdoor furniture packed away.

I think we're way ahead this year; there probably won't be a big cleaning spasm at 3 AM just before we leave on Sunday morning for Tepic and the long journey home. I have one more domino game with Marie tomorrow, then we have one more dinner at Dago's, one more Saturday opera ~ Il Trovatore ~ one more night of listening to the music of the surf, and then we're gone. But we'll be back.

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