Monday, April 11, 2011

beautiful breads of SMA

We stopped by the Canadian bakery this morning to load up on bread to take back to the beach. A loaf of nutty whole wheat, some rye, and some wonderful little bun that will make delicious salami and cheese sandwiches for the road.

A shopping trip to the Mega, lunch at the fish taco joint, the purchase of a pollo asada to take home for tomorrow night's dinner, a huge bunch of beautiful arugula, and that was it for the day. I must confess that I am not feeling A+. I think it is a combination of altitude and heat, so I was just as happy to spend the afternoon dozing and reading.

Tomorrow morning we will head home to the beach. I am hoping to stop at one of the roadside strawberry vendors; this area is the berry capitol of Mexico, the expertise shared with Mexico compliments of UC Davis.

It's been a great week. Next message will be from Cuyutlán.

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Alexandra said...

Maybe you are suffering from too much good stuff! Sounds like it has been a lovely bithday week---sorry about the heat, it was so tempeate at the beach this year I can't even imagine what "hot" is like! Safe travel and love to you both.