Saturday, April 9, 2011

the saturday ramble in SMA

Another hot day today. Now I know why people stay away from here after about April 1; the temperature starts inching up and the cool mountain air takes a vacation. We ventured out in the late morning, after Trini arrived to do the cleaning. First we headed up to the central park to see if we could find the Italian deli we liked so much. It has moved from our local neighborhood to a new location up beyond the post office. Now you really have to know where it is; the strolling traffic doesn't pass by anymore. But we found it; La Cava in a strange location way off the beaten path. Bought some tomato-infused pasta and a nice chunk of delicious brie. While I did a bit more non-shopping, Mr. C went looking for a restaurant we had found last year and wanted to go to for lunch. I had better luck than he did; he searched everywhere and couldn't come across it. It had a beautiful big patio with jacaranda gtrees and other beautiful flowers and vines. I, on the other hand, found a couple of great things; photos after we get back home. So we decided to go to Hecho in Mexico which is close by our house and very tasty. I ordered a beautiful Cobb salad; Mr. C had a Reuben sandwich.

We sat outside in the patio and enjoyed it all very much. It's so nice to be in a place where you actually have a choice of restaurants that are not puestos.

Home after lunch for a siesta, some reading, and another gorgeous San Miguel sunset viewed from the 3rd floor.

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