Saturday, April 30, 2011

the last of the last

Last night was the last dinner at Dago's. A good turn out to say farewell to this 2010-11 season. Today was the last opera enjoyed while eating a "left over shrimp from Dago's" salad. Yesterday afternoon was my last domino game and I am now in serious withdrawal. Tonight is the last margarita at sunset from our mirador up on the 3rd floor. It is also the last night we bed down in our lovely house with the sound of the surf lulling us to sleep. I must add to all of this, of course, "until next season."

The town is still hopping with weekend visitors; the streets are clogged with parked cars. But most of them are up in the north end and will be gone tomorrow as the two-week Easter holiday ends. It's quiet down here where we are. This chap in front of our house is the lone hold-out from Semana Santa.

He has shut down his taco business but he and his family are still camping. He'll probably leave tomorrow.

We are cooking the last of a lovely pork loin tonight, and will take the left-overs on the road with us to nosh on along the way. Did you know that you can smuggle arms, drugs, and people across the US border but the INS is death on bringing pork into the US from Mexico? Go figure.

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