Thursday, April 7, 2011

the no-shopping bonanza

It's all wrapped up and you can't see what treasures I found, but believe me, for a no-shopping trip, I scored! I'll unwrap them when I get back to the beach and photograph everything.

First stop was a great pottery store in downtown Dolores where I bought three "face" plates, a dozen tiles for the soon-to-be redone upstairs half bath. Next stop was another pottery store on the way out of town; our favorite shop was not open today so we had to skip that one and try something else. Mr. C was looking for a new basin for the downstairs half bath. He found one. And he found some more tiles he likes when we re-do that little bath. So add those purchases to the stash. Last stop was our favorite very high-class talavera place. Some of the stuff at other places is very gaudy (NOSS - Not Our Sort of Stuff) but the Arte San Gabriel has fabulously beautiful things. I have bought many lovely things there; this time it was a handsome plant pot ~ terra cotta and white stripe ~ to hold something pretty up on our living room balcony.

Just think what I could have reported if we actually set out to BUY stuff!

That's how it went on a no-buy shopping spree. Tomorrow it's up to some shops here in SMA for a few tasteful non-buying items, especially some manta cloth slacks. This is a very lightweight cotton cloth that is perfect for the heat here and at the beach. Then we're going to Olé! Olé! for comida and perhaps a stop by the big library on the way home. Lots of paperbacks for sale. Tomorrow the local weekly English-language paper Atención goes on sale. It will fill us in on any music or theater going on in town over the weekend.

Today is the anniversary of my mother's birth. Happy 96th remembrance. My mother would have loved San Miguel. It's her kind of place!


Alexandra said...

Happy Birthday Nana, indeed!
Sounds like you are having a great no-shopping holiday.
Can't wait to see your loot!

mary ann said...

I'm loving your vacation! Are we soon to celebrate your