Friday, December 19, 2014

a better laundromat

We drove over to Tecoman to pick up the new washing machine this morning.  Fernando hauled it home in his little truck and, together, he and Mr. C got it all hooked up and, we hope, working.

This is the old one.  It gave us 13 years of hard work.  Adios, amigo
I hope this new, bigger one does as well.

First, though, we have to figure out how to actually operate it.

This could take awhile since Mr. C neither speaks nor reads Spanish.  But I have come to the rescue and think I know what to do next.  In the process of reading the manual I have learned two wonderful new words:  un chasquido (click) and un zumbido (buzz).  We'll try it out tomorrow as see what happens.

Speaking of "buzz" here's a local critter report.  Mr. C  saw a lone wasp starting a nest on the ceiling of  the balcony.  So he armed himself and went after it. 

When the spray wafted over to the lantern, a whole colony of wasps took off.  Well, they didn't all make it to safety.  Many of their brethren were left behind, victims of wasp hutzpah at trying to squat on our balcony.

There are also many on the floor.  Before too long, scouts who had been out doing whatever wasp scouts do, returned to find the condo empty, their neighbors dead or gone, the light bell saturated with poison.  No place to land.  (Like the Japanese who flew off their aircraft carrier to conduct a raid on troops on Midway while their ship was being sunk.  They returned to find no carrier, just an oil slick.  Now what???)  In the cool of the morning Mr C. will give the place another dose to fend off another settlement.

It's Friday so it's Dago's.  Shrimp, of course.  Report on that tomorrow.

Don't forget that the Met Opera's Saturday radio broadcasts live from NYC have started.  Tomorrow is "The Marriage of Figaro" at noon our time.   Enjoy!


mary ann said...

I like when you post every day and I await he Dago post tomorrow. Love the click and buzz words!

Liz said...

I like when you post every day, too! It's never a restful, dull day there, is it???

I guess you found Dago's unharmed or rebuilt? Would hate to think such a great place for shrimp would be gone!

Can't wait to hear what's next!