Monday, December 29, 2014

day and night

We went to the street market this morning, of course, after replacing the tire that went flat.  Took about 1/2 an hour and cost $40 US.  Not bad.

The first time I ever went to the tianguis was in 1990 with a dear friend, Peg.  In fact she is the one who originally introduced us to Cuyutlán.  To get the full introduction to the market we stopped at this stall for breakfast.  It's located right in the middle of the market.  In fact, it's in the median of the street!

For your desayuno pleasure you can get tacos, rich and meaty pozole, huevos rancheros.quesdillas and other "street food."  Coffee and tea, soft drinks, fruit waters.  I haven't eaten there since but the smells are enough to make your mouth water.

Here's what the sky  looked like at our house last night.  Were you as lucky?

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