Saturday, December 27, 2014

the day after the day after

We got back on the internet yesterday afternoon. And the phone works, too. Both at the same time. What a deal. I missed posting yesterday as I was  playing dominoes with Charlotte, then I raced home to go to dinner at Dago's, then wanted to finish my book ~ TransAmerica by Colum McCann ~ and by then I was all worn out.  But today is another day and here I am. Weather is still crummy with overcast skies, cool temperatures. We have had only one shower since the big weather show on Christmas Eve but no sunny days. The little Christmas gathering at the casa was so delightful. Six or 7 of us, some tasty nibbles, a couple of nice bottles of wine (we took a 7 Deadly Zins to add to the festivities) and some good conversation. Here's a look at the evening sky looking through the arches on the upstairs terrazo toward the sea.

Today's opera was La Traviata and it was really splendid.  But before it started we had a visitor.

This beautiful little girl is the granddaughter of Fernando and Chuy, although they are raising her.   She is 15 months old, has a mop of curly black hair, eyelashes out to HERE, and the sweetest smile.  She's quite tall for her age; looks about 2 years old, has soccer-player's calves, and is very friendly though only at a distance.  She keeps very close to Chuy. 

Now for a brief word about "where in the world is the family."  Alex is in Buenos Aires visiting Emily.  So are Andrew and Arielle.  Em finished her semester abroad program and  will all come home together on the 29th.   They are, according to all received messages, having a very fine time.  One post talked about going out to dinner at a puerta cerrada.  I know what that means but I didn't know what it had to do with going out to dinner.   You can read all about it HERE  Sounds like a great idea.  Of course in the USA you'd get cited, fined, shut-down in about 15 seconds.  What!  No Health Inspection certificate?  No Small Business license?  No kitchen union  protest, no waiters' union shutdown threats?  No local, state or federal what evers?  And so on . . .

Caitlin sent along this photo that best describes Christmas in Bozeman.

Tonight we're feasting on the pork loin I bought at Pina's a couple of days ago.  First I made a mirepoix then snuggled the meat into it, poured over some wine and broth, threw in some herbs, and it's been simmering in the oven for about 4 hours.  That should make it tender enough to eat.  We'll see.  

Tomorrow we are going up to Colima for a mega shopping excursion followed by lunch at, where else, Cronos.  Always a favorite.


Liz said...

That granddaughter of Chuy & Fernando is ADORABLE! Is that the offspring of the son or daughter?

Love that photo of Caitlin with the dogs in all that snow! Great shot!

Hope the sun comes out to stay soon! I'm heading out to Palm Springs for same next Saturday-- can not wait!!!

john nelson said...

About the closed door dinners, lookslike a bargain at less than $50 us including wine... (8.55 ars = 1usd)

mary ann said...

wonderful post - sweet girl child and such devoted dogs!