Thursday, December 18, 2014

9 ways to spend your time (and money)

Today was all about getting business taken care of.  Stops as discussed below all involved the exchange of pesos and were either in Tecoman or here.  No matter; it all worked.

First:  the Bodega to look at washing machines.  Several types.  Let's make it real easy both for us and for the inevitable repair man.  We liked the Whirpool; no computer components.   Just put in the dirty clothes, wash, take out.  But I wanted to check others so we moved on.  Shopped for some aceitunas (olives) so I can make focaccia.

Second:  Bancomer to pay the feidecomisario to the bank for the privilege of using the land our house sits on.  Now this is always an adventure because (a) the person who did it last year is now a teller someplace else and that instant of history is lost or (b) the bank is chock full because of the holidays.  We lucked out this year (sort of).  It wasn't jammed up and, best of all, the woman who has helped us in the past was there, although she wasn't at the window.  The (very) young woman recognized Marie's signature and went into the back and brought her out.  We were delighted to see her.  She walked the newbie through it, we paid and were out of there in about 20 minutes.

Third:  the other bank to get another load of pesos.

Fourth:  the bacon and cheese store to pick up the Parmesan we ordered and get another slab of cheddar.

Fifth:  the vivero to buy a new, huge flower pot to accommodate a plant that had blown over and broken its original container.  Throw in three poinsettia's and we moved on.

Sixth:  Back to the Bodega to pay for the washing machine we liked.  Fernando, Mr. C and I will go back tomorrow to pick it up and hope that between the three of us we can get it connected.  If not, call Elias!

Seventh:  Raul came back this afternoon to repair our screen sliders.  New screens in two of them, new rollers on all.  Smooth!

Eighth:  the beer man stopped to see if we wantd to get on his delivery route.  Absolutely.

Ninth:  the Telmex engineer came by and fixed the phone and the internet.  We've been without the phone since we got here and the internet has been very sporadic.  Works fine now.

Heard that daughter Alex arrived safely in Buenos Aires.  You know how mothers are;  they worry.  All is right in our world tonight.  Hope you can say the same for yours.

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