Sunday, December 28, 2014

what could go wrong?

This is the question Mr. C asks before almost any enterprise he enters into.  Normally, the answer is "nothing."  This morning, however, it wasn't.

I was scurrying around in preparation for our imminent departure to Colima.  The lists were made, our various chores were laid out ~ Sam's Club, WalMart, the equipal store to see if we can get the couch and loveseat recovered, lunch at Cronos, etc.  But it was not to be.  The car had a flat tire.  Llanta ponchada.  The spare is not usable.  Mr. C found a hand pump in the trunk and re-inflated  the tire but we decided it was just too risky to get caught out on the highway with a flat tire and no cell phone to call Fernando.  A complete change of plans.    So instead I unpacked more boxes, listened to my new book ~ The Woman Upstairs by Clair Messud ~ and generally puttered around.  The sun did come out today in earnest and the sea was a gorgeous, sparkling blue.  And there are quite a few visitors in town which is good for the puestos.

As I said I would, I went next door to check out the arrival of the Baby Jesus.  He's there alright.  By the size of him he's been there for about 6 months.

While I was taking these photos a fellow came over and added a lamb to the gathering.   You'll notice that it is just about as big as the baby.  Poor Mary must have had a rough time.

Tomorrow is tianguis and we're going to caravan into Armeria with Fernando, in case we run into trouble with the tire.  Mr. C will take the car to the llanta store and either fix the one that's on the car or buy a new one.  Meanwhile, I'll go off to shop.  We're looking at Tuesday for the next attempt at Colima.  What (else) could go wrong?

BTW, the pork loin was absolutely delicious.  Tender, moist, flavorful, the sauce just perfect.  I'll never cook loin any other way!

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mary ann said...

Man, that is indeed a huge Baby J and I laughed at your comments. Sorry about the tire - sometimes Mr. C sounds Jewish, but I know better than that. Hope you like that book, it's strange but wonderful - like life.