Tuesday, December 9, 2014

another winner from the Flix®

 I got everything on my list taken care of yesterday so I rewarded myself with this movie from instant watch:  Le Week-End starring two of Britain's finest actors (and one of our just OK actors).  Jim Broadbent (Nick) and Lindsay Duncan (Meg) play a married couple who go off to Paris to celebrate (I use that word advisedly) their 30th wedding anniversary.  They run in to an American friend of Nick's, Morgan (played by Jeff Goldblum).  At a dinner party held at Morgan's apartment, the couple comes to an unexpected view of their rather tepid life together.  It is quite a splendid story photographed in the most beautiful city in the world by a cinematographer who obviously loves the place as much as I do.

Today I checked off the list a trip to the city offices to suspend our garbage pick-up; anyone staying here carries out whatever they carried in!  I suspended the Flix® service; since I would see instant watch via a Mexican server movies will all be in Spanish and (a) I just don't want to work that hard and (b) the selection of titles is not very good.

Tonight it's out to dinner with friend Erin and a drive through town to look at the Christmas lights.  I'm hoping people have not decided to take decorations down based on the dire warnings of local weather forecasters.  We're due a huge storm starting sometime tomorrow, lasting through Thursday and into early Friday.  Not good news for us travelers.

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