Saturday, December 6, 2014

getting ready

While the lively strains of Rossini's "The Barber of Seville" fill the house ~ first opera of the 2014-15 radio season, live from New York ~ I am starting to pack up for the fun-in-the-sun in Mexico.  Let's see; among my T-shirts and shorts is a 1-lb. box of MSG for Jack (for his kim-chee); four strands of twinkle lights; a pkg. of dried porcini mushrooms; 7 vials of insulin; and perhaps one more jar of peanut butter.  The TSA has a field day with our luggage!  We leave next Friday and although I am very much looking forward to it, there's much to be done before we turn the key in the lock.  But first, a backward look at Thanksgiving.  Let me say that a fine time was had by all, people and animals alike.  The snow was so beautiful to see.  Being a Southern Californian, born and raised, I still get all excited at this weather phenom, although I can certainly see that months on end of grey skies and dirty slush would get boring.  But at first sight, it's dazzling.

before the snow storm hit

during the storm
and after
The feast was overwhelming, as usual.  The Hutterite turkey did not disappoint.

The hostess set a beautiful table, with flowers and candles and a view out of the new window of the snowy meadow.   Picture perfect.

And of course, one of the boys.

Huck (l) and Zeke (r).  Actually taken while Cait and Mike were on a camping trip to Canada but I love it and thought you should see it.

Now it's on to getting out of here and into the warm, tropical winter instead of the cold, snowy one.  We will be picked up by the shuttle at, gasp!, 3:45 on Friday morning for a 6 AM flight to LAX.  Then a 10:30 flight to Manzanillo.  Fernando will pick us up and Chuy will have prepared our dinner ~ chiles rellenos.  Let the season begin.

While in Bozeman g'son Andrew helped me program a web site to advertise the sale of the house.  As soon as I finish a bit more editing I will put it up and you can peruse it at your leisure.  We are getting serious about this sale!

Meanwhile, here in the valley we have had several days of wonderful rain to slake the overwhelming thirst of field and stream.  And there's more to come later in the week.  But after I get my pedicure (Monday), massage (Tuesday), and hair cut (Thursday), I'm outta here in into the warm so let it rain.

FYI:  If you read the previous post and the video was not there, it's there now, at the top of the page.  


ddmichel said...

loved the video - loved the snow!!

mary ann said...

great photos and those gorgeous dogs! Well, I'm looking forward to seeing your colorful home in Mexico, lunch on the various verandas, day trips, the markets, foods and then some sunsets - check in asap and no wi ifi problems this year, por favor