Thursday, December 25, 2014

Have yourself a cloudy little Christmas Day

 NOTE:  This is being written on Christmas Day.  We have no internet or phone service today so I don’t know when I’ll be able to post it.

After I signed off last night all hell broke loose around here, weather-wise.  The rain started in earnest; we raced through the house shutting windows and doors, hauling furniture out of harm’s way, took down the twinkle lights and got ready for a good storm.  And come it did!  It poured down for about an hour, then backed off a bit for a while, then started again.  Lightening, thunder, wind.  Around 11 PM the wind died down but it continued to thunder and rain.  We went to bed listening to the rain running off the roof into the front garden (gutters?  What’s that?) and onto the sidewalk below the front balcony.  Around 2 AM I woke up and saw ~ but didn’t hear ~ lightening.  It went on for a couple of hours; no rain, no thunder.  At 4 AM, a tremendous clap of thunder shook the house and woke me with a jolt.  Then the rains started again, heavy and continuous until about 5:30.  They slackened off, the thunder rumbled and growled in the distance.  The worst of it was over.  I went back to sleep safe in the knowledge that the house was NOT going to be washed away.

The report this morning is that we got 2 ½ inches of rain, bringing the seasonal total to 74”.  Imagine that, California!  It was still not clear and sunny this morning and we were anticipating more rain this afternoon.  So far it hasn’t happened, although we had thunder in the distance and some heavy dark clouds.  It may be over for the day.  Everything looks so clean and sparkling and refreshed that a little night music is worth it.

We didn’t venture out to Rick’s street party although it did happen, despite the rain.  This evening we’re going to a little Christmas gathering over at the casa co-hosted by Al from Milwaukee and Neighbor Nelson (who is currently staying over there as is house is chock full of his sons and grandkids for the next couple of weeks.  Ms. Neighbor Nelson has wisely stayed at home in the US until things quiet down.)

PS:  I was sure I couldn't post tonight so no photos.  Tomorrow.

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mary ann said...

just as you predicted!