Wednesday, December 10, 2014

lights, camera, not a lot of action

Last night I had a splendid Thai dinner with Erin, then we drove through parts of town looking at the lights displays.  Since we have all been warned about the coming BIG storm I think many people have delayed their decorations.  Or at least that's how I would interpret the appalling lack of same.  But here are a few that were quite bright and cheery.

The owner of this house does a bang-up job of decorating every year.  Erin knows him and told me that he actually makes all of them from odds and ends of parts he finds.  It's quite a show that includes Santa, Snoopy, rockets, reindeer, wreathes, stockings, and much, much more, all of it in lights.

We walk by this house every morning and have been looking forward to seeing it at night.  So here it is in all its electrical glory.  It's a bit hard to see but on the right side of the picture in the back is a big inflatable Santa.  This place also had music playing.

If you stand real still you can almost hear the spinning of the electric meter!

I look forward to this display every year.  It's next door to us on a flag lot and it's a group effort.  The arches span the driveway and at the end is the Abominable Snowman.  So bright and cheery on a dark and stormy night!

I wish I were going to be here next week and could see now things fared in the coming wind and rain!

One more photo from the Thanksgiving trip to Bozeman.  I took this on Friday, looking from Cait's house across the city to the Bridgers.  The sun was setting and the snowy peaks gleamed.  Nice.


ddmichel said...

great photo of the mountain!

Liz said...

Yes, gorgeous photo of the mountain--worthy of framing! Loved all the decorations-- "what, me worry about my carbon footprint? What's that?"

We have a block on a street in B'more that is renowned for it's Holiday decorations. If you move into a house there, it is reported that decorating to the hilt is a must in the contract! Anyway, it's a trip-- something to see once. When they flip the switch on the first night, legend has it that all of B'more has a brief brown-out!