Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve treat

Neighbor Nelson is always looking out for others' welfare, mine included.  A couple of weeks ago he sent me an email extolling the virtues of a French bakery he discovered in Barra de Navidad, a resort town 70 miles north of here.  The implication was that I could just nip up any time and load up on croissants, baguettes, etc.  Ha!

So when he said, on Christmas evening, that he was heading up to Barra I asked him to make a bakery run.  And he did, or actually one of the J boys did (thanks, Jeff!).  So this morning we had croissants aux amandes and half of a pain chocolate.  A very yummy treat indeed.  Not Paris, but then nothing is Paris except Paris.

This evening we're heading out to Land's End to the last house in the colonia for a New Year's Eve gathering, early enough so the assembled guests can go on to whatever blowout fiesta they might find. and there are usually plenty of them.  We, on the other hand, will be tucked up by 10 PM, if history is any guide.

To all who may stop by these pages, and to those who don't, may 2015 be a year of good friends, good food, good books, good adventures, good laughs, good health and, above all, peace in our time.

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Liz said...

Wishing you and Mr. C the same! I might also add, good movies! Have a wonderful year!