Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

There has been a vacant lot next to us, to the northeast, that we have kept our eyes on over the years.  We have feared it would be bought by someone and developed to ruin our view and privacy.  Well, I don't know exactly what has happened but there has been a fkurry of activity over the last weeks.  We think the hotel, El Oasis (across the street to the southwest) has either purchased it outright or is leasing it.  The word is it's going to be a SPA.  A spa in Cuyutlán?  This is absurd.  But small spa-sized pool has been built, some little palapas, and today there are tables, chairs and umbrellas waiting for clients.

From our third floor

Ready for the spa clients; note the threatening sky
 There is also a crêche in the corner of the lot. This is the "before" shot on Christmas Eve.  Tomorrow the baby Jesus will arrive be  in the little manger.  I'll post the "after" pix after the "delivery".

The other issue is the weather.  For the last two years we have had rain storms on Christmas Eve that drenched up through Christmas and for a few days after.  This is what it looked like at about 5 PM tonight.  We'll drag in the furniture from the terrazo just in case.  If you weren't paying attention last year, here's how it lookeed.

Once again I send you the Christmas Eve story of The Shepherd by Frederick Forsythe a beautiful story for the season.

Oops!  It's just started to rain a bit; in come the balcony Christmas lights.   This is going to put a crimp in Rick's street party!

Tomorrow, some beautiful Christmas music from King's College, Cambridge.

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mary ann said...

oh, merry christmas - loved the pix and the spa report!