Monday, December 8, 2014

don't miss this (ahem!) gem

I watched this delightful movie yesterday and give it two thumbs up for sure.  It's on instant watch thanks to the Flix®.

It's the true story of four Aboriginal girls who form a singing group and are a huge success, despite all the hurdles thrown in front of them.  These actresses have astonishing voices, too.  Only one tissue needed.

Today's "to do" list; go to the bank, pick up a couple of beach dresses I had made, pedicure, manicure, go to Davis Waste Removal to get put on the basic rate with no pick-up for the next few months, buy a couple of pairs of rubber gloves here because the ones I buy there are so flimsy they rip and tear and leak after a week of use.  If I can get all that done today I'll be right on schedule.

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