Saturday, December 20, 2014

in the dark at Dago's

Dago's puesto has endured two insults over the past few months.  The first was the big storm that pretty well wrecked the beach and destroyed the structures of several other establishments on the beach.  The second was the decision of the federales to enforce building "codes" (I use that word very carefully) that govern how permanent the puestos can be, if they can build a solid structure, a floor, etc.  Dago had built a flat roof, had some overhead lighting (read: bare bulbs on wires), and had siding to protect from the wind.  Any puesto that didn't conform OR have special permits to allow some sort of permanency got razed.  So Dago's is now a mere shadow of its former self.  It has a much smaller kitchen ~ but still manages to put out the best shrimp on the malecón ~ has umbrellas only up in the central restaurant area, and of course no lighting.  By 6 PM it's pitch black in the place except for one light bulb hanging over the now tiny cooking area.  But you know, Dago is still as laid back, cheerful and happy as ever.  I think this man, who has a degree in Electrical Engineering from a university of Mexico City, just wants to hang out at the beach, cook delicious food, schmooze with friends and visitors and lead a basically stress-free life.

It was too dark to take photos last night so after the opera is over and I fold up the fresh laundry ~ YES, new machine did a bang-up job ~ I'll stroll down to the beach and have a look see.

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